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End of season workparty 12th April

This is the last official  workparty of the 2011-12 season.

We are  scheduled to  make the final breakthough between Down Grange Meadow and  The Old Hdgerow. We have been planning for some time to establish a desirable habitat link between these two sites as it has become clear that for  butterflies their lifecycle  is based on  moving from the hedgerow in winter through to the meadow by full Summer.

To aid this linkage we are cutting and rejuvenating the hedgerow line by the pathway and promoting  elm and ash growth through to the meadow. This gives us another opportunity to  practice our dead hedging skills.


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9th February – on the Hedgerow

On Thursday we are working on the Hedgerow, hopefully completing this season’s maintenance work on the bramble and cleaning  the western edge.

We expect to complete the dead hedging  of the  northern half of the hedgerow with material prepared recently  from hazel coppice in the Old Orchard.


Categories: Work Parties