Community Orchard

Details of the species are shown on the interpretation board there, but the details are repeated below. A few trees have been added since the original planting and there have been some successes and some failures since 2006. These are also noted below.
The orchard trees themselves are surrounded by an area of trees, shrubs and wildflowers managed as nature conservation space, with the several hazel stools coppiced in rotation and the grass managed as meadowland. The land being very rich after 70 years as gardens and smallholdings, the grass is long and dense and there are many nettles and bramble. We try to maintain a balance between these and wildflower areas, and public access.
The area is not well known to Basingstoke folk but is much visited and enjoyed by local residents as a quiet oasis for themselves and their dogs. Fortunately, there has been little vandalism over the years and local children are encouraged to play in the orchard, as long as the trees are not used as goalposts.
Apart from the wildflowers within the orchard and at various spots within the outer meadow area, there is a collection of snowdrops under the Walnut tree, and a collection of crocuses under the Sweet Chestnut tree.
Recently it has been established that the Orchard is something of a hot spot for hedgehogs. Several local residents provide hedgehog access to their gardens and regularly feed them – particularly important in dry weather and in Autumn.

Planted fruit trees – viewed from the interpretation board

Fruit Trees

IDName/Type ( date first registered)Year Planted
2aSweet Chestnut2010
9bPlum (Victoria - 1840) on dwarf stock – to be replaced in 20202008
9cPlum (Count Althan's Gage - 1867)2008
9ePlum (Black - unknown variety) to be removed 20202012
10aApple (Blenheim Orange - 1740)1920?
10bApple (Topaz - 1948)2006
10cApple (Brownlee’s Russet – 1848)2008
10dApple -2 way graft ( originally 3 way graft) -James Grieve – 1893 + Katy - 19472006
10e.1Crab Apple (John Downie)2006
10e.2Crab Apple (John Downie)2006
11aPear (Conference - 1885) 1920?
11bPear (Doyenne de Comice - 1858)2006
11cPear (Merton Pride - 1941) 2008
13Quince 2006

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