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Spring 2014 Update

The Meadow -Flash news!

At the end of April and beginning of May a cuckoo has been heard calling in Down Grange Meadow several times, for the first time (certainly since 2006). Regrettably  our ornithology expert  did not hear a reply….  so  it may not stop but  search on.

The Orchard

What a wonderful blossom Spring this is proving to be! Lets hope that this translates into a  good fruit year.

As we  finished the Spring working season we  just about finished the mini-dead hedges we  have been creating over last few months. What i the idea?

Early on in our plans for the Orchard we had a  natural break point between the kick-about grass area and the beginning of the Community Orchard proper by the oak trees. This was never  very  clearly  indicated but  a few years ago  we asked some of the local youngsters to plant some  shrubs along that line – 5 years later some of them have done very well – others have been slower  to  grow. What was needed was  a  support frame to enable them to be  encouraged to form a hedegrow –  so we created the  narrow dead hedging you can see, tied the scramblers to it and  ‘layed’ the hazels along it. In time this will then become a ‘live hedgerow’  instead of the ‘dead’ one.

Further into the Orchard area there is another small arc of dead hedging which has been treated in the same way and again , in time , will form a live hedge. neither of these features is intended to grow more than  four feet high but should present the  birds and insects with  flowers and berries during the year.



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Memorial Tree Planting

In association with the Kempshott and District Residents Asssociation Kempshott Conservation Group will be planting two memorial  standard Hawthorn trees beside the path from Kendal Gardens to Derwent Road.

Further details of their dedication and the planting  will follow.




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Sunday Nov. 18th 2012: Inauguration of the Jubilee Copse, Down Grange Meadow

The new  Jubilee Copse in Down Grange Meadow, Kempshott is one more step in the enrichment of green spaces in Basingstoke. This new area of planting complements  the adjacent copse created in 2008 and  marks Kempshott’s contribution to Her Majesty the Queen’s Jubilee Year.
To mark the occasion the Mayor of Basingstoke, Cllr. Biermann and the Lady Mayoress inspected the work carried out and added the last spade of soil to the planting The whole project was then given a blessing by the Reverend Kelvin Taylor of St Mark’s Church.
The Mayor and Mayoress, who are both keen supporters of nature conservation, were conducted round the Down Grange Meadow site and heard details of the biodiversity restoration work that has been carried out over the last five years.
This latest development, to create the next generation of mixed woodland on the site, has combined planting material from the Woodland Trust, young elm saplings (part of a national Elm Conservation Project trialling  the reintroduction of  disease resistant strains of  elm across the country), two specimen trees ( a rowan and a whitebeam) donated by the Kempshott & District Residents Association and bushes of  hazel, hawthorn, blackthorn and elder grown by the Group.itself.
Over a dozen Worting St Thomas Scouts volunteered to  plant the whips and small shrubs for us –  despite pretty wet weather through most of the first half of November.  Thanks guys!     Pictures are here>>>

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