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Work Party Dates 2020-21

11/10/2010.00 – 12.30Orchard
22/10/2014.00 – 16.30Orchard
01/11/2010.00 – 12.30Orchard
12/11/2014.00 – 16.30Down Grange Meadow (See Note 1)
19/11/2014.00 – 16.30Down Grange Meadow
22/11/2010.00 – 12.30Orchard (See Note 2)
03/12/2014.00 – 16.30Old Hedgerow
13/12/2010.00 – 12.30Down Grange Meadow
<Christmas Break>
07/01/2114.00 – 16.30Old Hedgerow
17/01/2110.00 – 12.30Down Grange Meadow
28/01/2114.00 – 16.30Old Hedgerow
07/02/2110.00 – 12.30Down Grange Meadow
18/02/2114.00 – 16.30Old Hedgerow
28/02/2110.00 – 12.30Down Grange Meadow
11/03/2114.00 – 16.30Down Grange Meadow
21/03/2110.00 – 12.30Orchard (See Note 3)


1 – This is an extra work party date from those published in the Kempshott Kouier

2 – This work party may be relocated – check back here for an update nearer the time!

3 – Traditionally the last work party of the of the season is in the Orchard with coffee and doughnuts. We may relocate – check back nearer the time.

All changes to venues will be emailed to active volunteers

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Work Party Dates 2019-2020

29/09/2019Sun 10.00am – 12.00pmThe Old Orchard
13/10/2019Sun 10.00am – 12.00pm Down Grange Meadow
24/10/2019Thu 14.00pm – 16.00pm The Old Hedgerow
03/11/2019Sun 10.00am – 12.00pm The Old Orchard
14/11/2019Thu 14.00pm – 16.00pm Down Grange Meadow
24/11/2019Sun 10.00am – 12.00pm The Old Orchard
05/12/2019Thu 14.00pm – 16.00pm The Old Hedgerow
15/12/2019Sun 10.00am – 12.00pmDown Grange Meadow
05/01/2020Sun 10.00am – 12.00pm Down Grange Meadow
16/01/2020Thu 14.00pm – 16.00pm The Old Hedgerow
26/01/2020 Sun 10.00am – 12.00pm Down Grange Meadow
06/02/2020 Thu 14.00pm – 16.00pm The Old Hedgerow
16/02/2020 Sun 10.00am – 12.00pm The Old Orchard
27/02/2020 Thu 14.00pm – 16.00pm Down Grange Meadow
08/03/2020Sun 10.00am – 12.00pm Down Grange Meadow
19/03/2020 Thu 14.00pm – 16.00pm The Old Hedgerow
29/03/2020Sun 10.00am – 12.00pmDown Grange Meadow

These dates break with our tradition of doing the sites in-turn, Meadow – Orchard – Hedgerow. Traditionally, we have managed to get five full “cycles” across the sites. In the past, we have had sessions into April, but this is getting too close to nesting so, we have decieded to stop at the end of March.

The reason for the change is that we have the start of an Orchard only group that we wish to encourage. Consequently, we will have all our Orchard work parties on a Sunday, with the most of these occurring before Christmas.

We will concentrate on the Meadow but the Hedgerow still gets its fair share of work parties, but only on a Thursday.



There have been hedgehogs in the Orchard for a number of years. As a nocturnal animal which hibernates in Winter it is difficult to say how many we have or have had. We do not see them every year when working on the winter maintenance programme –and when we do it usually means there is a problem!

Hedgehogs are in trouble throughout the UK with numbers falling rapidly over the last 25 years. Kempshott has a number of hedgehog hot spots – we know of at least 3 between Kempshott Lane and the Roman Trackway to the west. We would dearly like to support a hotspot  in the north east of the ward – and The Orchard is a perfect spot with several good hibernation areas (mainly the piles of maintenance arisings which we accumulate each year and removed every year or two in mid-summer when hedgehogs need them least).

But hedgehogs need space – good foraging space – and adjacent gardens are the perfect places. For that to work we need to create a series of Hedgehog Highways – it’s simple, all that is needed is a single hole 13cms (or 5 inches) square at the bottom of your fence to let hedgehogs in and out of your garden.

More details on whats required and how to do it!

This month we found a small hoglet which we have taken to Hart Animal Rescue as it was under weight and would not survive the Winter without help. We hope to pick  it up again in Spring and release it back into the Orchard.

Meanwhile, we need to prepare a more viable environment for next Spring. Will you or anyone in your family  join us and make a Highway?

There’s lots more information at Hedgehog Street

We have generated a map of recent hedgehog activity in Kempshott


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